Kasey Burgess

An expert in the writing and literature fields, Kasey has set forth a path to write about what she holds dear to her heart. After graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor’s in Literature, she has made it her mission to express her feelings and share her experiences through her writing. An avid participant in pop culture, Kasey explores the themes expressed in certain entertainment media and brings them to light. She understands the importance of pop culture like films, video gaming, and music and how it can impact our everyday lives. You can feel her passion through her words and learn with her as she ventures to understand the creators behind the works she writes about.

A Glimpse...

I am a freelance creative writer and content creator based in the Metro Detroit area. 

Growing up, writing never crossed my mind as something that I could find passion in. There were many times at University where I was unsure if Literature was the right path. But there was always something hidden beneath that self-doubt that pushed me to continue writing. 

As a black woman in America, I have felt that not only is my voice necessary but my career as a writer is important for many to see. My writing style is mostly prose and article writing while adding critical analysis skills that I have learned over the years. 

I have experience in intermediate and expert proofreading and editing as well as publishing knowledge.

Please feel free to look around!

Note: This online portfolio is under heavy construction.

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